F Yeah, The Thermals!

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This is a Thermals appreciation blog. Dedicated to the post-pop-punk trio comprised of Hutch Harris, Kathy Foster and Westin Glass.
We are not affiliated with the Thermals in any way (just big fans), nor do we own any of these photos and videos.

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i-refuse-to-grow-up you should check em out. The chick plays bass :D

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Our love it’s true, it’s why we fight
What we defend, and though our love is new
In still beginning, will be the end
The world we knew, washed away
The life we led, led us astray
And now we face, our greatest foe
But we fear not for we know
Our love survives, our love survives
Our love survives, it will never die
It will outlive the earth, the sun and the sky

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